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I Am We: My Life with Multiple Personalities



Many people have secrets they are fearful to share with those who love them. Christine Pattillo was one of those people, except instead of just one secret, she had many.

As long as Christine can remember, she has lived with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). But for most of her life, she kept this secret hidden from everyone around her, including her husband. It wasn’t until the age of forty-one and after ten years of counseling that she finally managed to utter the seven most difficult words of her life: “There is more than one of me.”Now, several years later, she is ready to share her story with the rest of the world.

In her fascinating memoir, “I Am WE: Our Lives with Multiple Personalities,” Christine Pattillo shares her incredible journey of life with MPD. Readers will come to know Christine’s alternate personalities as the unique and extraordinary individuals they are.

Author: Pattillo, Christine

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 989940101
Language: English

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