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I Belong: The Journey from Lost to Found


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This book tells you what to do if you feel you don’t belong. Lira Kay, an expert life coach, artist and an author of ‘Now or Never, or How to Get What You Want Every Time You Say ‘I Wish’ is inviting you to walk with her the labyrinth of life and transform yourself from a lost soul to a compassionate and passionate being for whom life is an adventure, not a torture to get over with. Every chapter of ‘I Belong’ guides you deeper and closer to the source of peace and joy within. Lira doesn’t just explain what a heartfelt connection with yourself and the world look like, but she gives you an opportunity to experience that connection first-hand through the practical exercises and guided meditations that awaken your senses, the whole six of them and beyond, and open you up to a higher perspective that marks your existence in the timeless and forever spacious universe where belonging is an unconditional and freely available commodity. ‘I Belong’ is about finding yourself, being clear about your purpose in life, expressing your passions and sharing your gifts with others. It is about knowing that others have got your back, that you do belong and have everything you need to be happy, supported, loved and embraced fully and unconditionally here and now.

Author: Kay, Lira

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1530847184
Language: English
Pages: 94

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