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I Love You, Me!: My Journey to Overcoming Depression and Finding Real Self-Love Within



How one doctor’s spiritual awakening showed her how to love herself and overcome depression

Dr. Andrea Pennington’s life as a medical journalist, physician and acupuncturist showed her the power of ‘mind over body’ but it left so many questions unanswered when it came to loving herself. After hiding her depression from the world she hit rock bottom and cried out to God to take her life. What happened next blew her mind — and her depression out of sight. She had an out-of-body near-death-like experience and arrived at a place of unconditional self-acceptance and real self-love.

As a functional depressive, Dr. Andrea enjoyed a high powered media career with all the outer appearances of success. But she was miserable inside. After years of battling ‘Imposter Syndrome’, constantly striving for perfection, where she never felt good enough she was relieved to break free as her authentic self. This has inspired her to share her story in her popular TEDx presentation “Become Who You Are”.

Now, after a decade of research in neuroscience, spiritual traditions and energy psychology along with experience with her clients who battled depression, addiction and eating disorders, a 5-step self-discovery framework emerged, called The Cornerstone Process, which she expertly presents in I Love You, Me!

Self awareness is a fundamental principal in changing your mindset and loving yourself, especially when years of therapy, antidepressants and self-help books fall short. I Love You, Me! will show you how to create a foundation of real self-love.

WIth Dr. Andrea’s guidance you will:

  • Learn Who You Really Are by uncovering your spiritual DNA, the blueprint of your authentic self, and by revealing who you were intended to be before the programming and socialization process to hold of you
  • Love Who You Really Are as you release useless mental programs, heal old wounds and forgive your past
  • Live Who You Really Are by using the Diamond Life Design framework to architect an epic life based on your authentic self, values and desires

Dr. Andrea has taught this self-love process to thousands of people around the world and at the International University of Monaco providing clarity on your life purpose and how to break free from destructive life patterns, self-loathing, self-harming, addiction, eating disorders and debilitating depression. Order your copy today and begin living with more confidence, peace and joy.


“Dr. Andrea Pennington has once again written from the heart on what matters most–being our authentic selves–as we commit ourselves to “be the change we wish to see in the world.” In “I Love You, Me,” Dr. Andrea Pennington brings real-life moments to the page illustrating how to overcome the darkest of times, including depression, anger, and self-loathing, bringing joy and light into life’s issues and challenges. Pennington awakens a heightened sense of empowerment and understanding that we can be uplifted out of darkness and into the light of our true authentic selves.”

— Missy Crutchfield

Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Gandhi’s Be Magazine

Author: Pennington, Andrea, Foreword by: Virginia, Karena

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 999494996
Language: English
Pages: 288

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