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In Your Dreams: Falling, Flying and Other Dream Themes – A New Kind of Dream Dictionary



Most everyone wakes up in the morning and thinks, “Why did I dream that?” Until now, dream dictionaries offered only frustratingly inaccurate and overly generalized definitions of dream symbols. Now, the pioneering author of “Living Your Dreams” examines the most common dream themes — falling, flying, being chased, missing the bus, standing naked in the road, et cetera — and provides readers with practical tools for discovering the distinct meaning of their very personal dreams.

Recognizing that dreams can only really be understood in the context of the dreamer’s life history, experience and associations with each symbol or topic, Delaney teaches readers how to look at dreams by theme and setting, offering general interpretations as well as a unique “interview” technique to translate the personal language of their dreams. Delaney also explores the dream theories of past experts such as Freud and Jung. Engaging and interactive, “In Your Dreams” allows readers to interpret their dreams as only they can — and use the insight of those dreams to discover meanings in their waking lives.

Author: Delaney, Gayle M

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 62514121
Language: English
Pages: 304

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