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Insanity to Human Sanity: A Guide to Deception



This text emphasizes the nature of humans and discusses the variations of innate impulses; it further discusses the morality associated with human nature along with human beliefs and cognition. I will not only accentuate the underlying’s of deceptive behavior but I will more importantly silver the linings of so-called “normal” behavior by delving into the consciousness of an individual. In simpler terms, I will prove to you that it is simply irrational to trust human instinct or faith, since human instinct and faith is grounded by manipulation. Our own minds play various tricks on us. Surely the darkest of manipulative skills delves from the purest of human intention.

Author: Husain, Maham

Topic: Medical / Nursing
Media: Book
ISBN: 1985665662
Language: English
Pages: 116

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