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Integral Consciousness and Sport: Unifying Body, Mind, and Spirit Through Flow



Scott Ford is a Master of unity with the flowing now…Ken Wilber. Every so often, a rather remarkable disclosure reveals itself that can change our worldview. It can occur through contemplation, reverie, insight, revelation, reading, writing, or for many, actual physical practice. Scott Ford has had such a moment of practice, and his world has never been the same. After reading Scott’s book, perhaps our world will be permanently altered as well. In using his Parallel Mode Process, we are taken into one of the most revered and hallowed places in sports. Ford’s work allows us to abide in the living, breathing essence of the zone, dance in the flow state, and train into it. The book is both a technical as well as intuitive discussion of a new way of contextualizing one’s athletic experience, engaging both left and right brain consciousness, and resulting in nothing less than a satori experience. By engaging in the practice of living in ever-present moment-to-moment awareness, the author creates a non-local consciousness experience that is life-changing. Thus, through Scott’s highly refined work, we enter into the Witness state, a revered state of consciousness that is both unitive and integrated. Sport is the great Western metaphor, a potent medium that teaches us how to realize our sometimes dormant capacities, and at the same time translate the learning into everyday situations. The lessons learned from this book apply directly to all walks of life. Hence, Scott’s discoveries take us into the union of East and West, the spirit and the flesh, through tennis, sport and life. You may never look at a tennis ball in the same way. Barry Robbins, Vice President of ITP International- Senior Teacher and Lineage Holder of ITP (Integral Transformative Practice) Founding Member: Sports, Energy, and Consciousness Group. About the Author: Author, clinician and performance specialist, Scott Ford has been a USPTA Professional since 1977. He is the author of De

Author: Ford, Scott

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1478769262
Language: English
Pages: 230

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