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Intelligently Emotional


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Are there such things as intelligent emotions? This book will argue that there are, and they are the ones we must focus on if we want to know success. Drawing from the critical literature on temperament psychology, Ray W. Lincoln will show how understanding the patterns of emotion in our temperament will enable us to manage our emotions effectively. Frustration, hurt, anger, loneliness, and jealousy are just some of the emotions we need to have in our control – not “off the leash” and attacking us. Too many people cry out, “Show me how to control my feelings!” Combining temperament’s urges and emotional drives, Lincoln does not depend on general methods but on how you are made and can learn to overcome emotion’s tyranny. Discover your uniqueness. If you long to know how to understand your emotions and the immense power of your feelings, learn how here. Loaded with application and practical help At last, successful ways to master yourself, not just general tips Makes sense of who you are and how you operate Guidance to master your emotions From children to adults, the problem of emotional management is paramount to a satisfying life. It is not just a matter of self-awareness and self-discipline; it is understanding how we function. Your eyes will be opened to see yourself as never before, and the facts about how your emotions operate may surprise you.

Author: Lincoln, Ray W

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 983571856
Language: English
Pages: 372

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