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Intricate Coloring Book for Adults Vol 5



Intricate Coloring Book

This intricate coloring book contains all types of complex and intricate designs for advanced coloring. Intricate Coloring Book For Adults Vol 5 has everything from swirls, layered drawings, entangled patterns, fanciful scenes, geometric patterns, mandalas, etc. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there is sure to be something for you to enjoy coloring!

This intricate coloring book for adults is a full-size 8.5 x 11 coloring book filled with over 30 amazing intricate designs that will have even the most experienced colorist amazed! Adults who are avid colorists will be impressed by the amazingly intricate zentangle designs. There is an abundance of advanced coloring pages with lots of small details to color. You will enjoy floral designs, animal illustrations, dream catchers, and more.

Assortment of Intricate Designs

In Intricate Coloring Book For Adults Vol 5, there is a large variety of complex designs and patterns to choose from. There are beautiful illustrations that were created by many talented artists. You will find a multitude of captivating illustrations that are incredibly intricate and complex. We have created this intricate coloring book with a variety of extremely detailed coloring pages. With a mixture of styles, the avid colorist will find many intricate coloring sheets to suit their mood. Art Therapy Coloring’s Intricate Coloring Book Vol 5 features gorgeous zentangle illustrations that include butterflies, rabbits, squirrels, koalas, mountain goats, roosters, owls, dogs, flowers, and more.

You can spend hours giving your artistic expression to these complex coloring pages. The intricate designs in this adult coloring book are more advanced than many adult coloring books. This coloring book will provide hours and hours of coloring enjoyment!

Art Therapy Coloring’s Intricate Coloring Book Series is all about artistic expression, meditation, and stress relief. It’s about spending time for relaxation, clearing your mind, and coloring! And it’s about fun!

What Art Mediums To Use With Intricate Coloring Books

This intricate color book works great with pens, fine tip colored pencils, and fine tip markers. Anything with a sharp point will work well with this adult coloring book. The designs in Intricate Coloring Book For Adults Vol 5 are very detailed and have small spaces to color, so you are going to need an art medium that is fine enough to fit in between all of the tiny spaces.

Get your copy of Intricate Coloring Book For Adults Vol 5 today and become a coloring expert!

Author: Art Therapy Coloring

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 1944427651
Language: English
Pages: 92

Additional information

Weight 0.52 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 0.19 in


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