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Introducing Psychology: How to Improve Your Life Through Applied Psychology Principles; Change Your Mindset, Create Success, Initiate Positive


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Introducing You To The Basic Principles of Psychology and Its ApplicationsDoes fear hold you back from what you want? Do you feel like you are stuck in an automatic routine that just won’t change no matter what actions you try to take?Maybe you can’t even visualize what “outside” of your daily routine?What about your daily thoughts, ever wonder WHY you think the way you do? What if you could change your thoughts for a couple days, do you think your perspective might change and thus so, change your life in the process? Do you want to understand why you do the things you do, even when you don’t know that you are doing them?If you seeking to understand the basic principles of Psychology and how to apply them to improve your life, relationships or for someone else, then “Introducing Psychology” by Noah Grayton is just for you.In this book, you will learn the basic premises behind psychology, the schools of thoughts and some techniques you can apply to start initiating change in your life.Some reasons why you should read this book: -Covers the basics schools of psychology and its creators in the past (like Freud).-It describes the history of psychology in details so that you can understand why the knowledge of psychology is so important in our lives today.-It explains how the human brain works from a psychological standpoint, and it explains how we process our thoughts and memories.-How and why we feel certain emotions, and it shows us what we can do to regulate those emotions.-How to increase your own emotional intelligence so that you can master yourself, get along with others, and increase your chances of success in all areas of life.-Increase your romantic relationships using psychology.-Review of common psychological disorders and mental illnesses, and it provides actionable information that you can use to deal with issues especially depression, anxiety and anger.-How to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in dealing with your personal issues.-How to use positive psychology to improve yourself continually.If you aren’t an expert in psychology but want to gain a quick working knowledge of the subject so that you can apply it in your life, then grab your copy of Kindle, Paperback or Audio version today!

Author: Grayton, Noah

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1092953892
Language: English
Pages: 70

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