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Invasion of the Marriage Snatcher!: Battling Your Anxiety Alien


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Talking about anxiety can trigger anxiety. To many anxious persons, any hint that might remotely suggest that they just maybe could possibly have even a teensy-weensy trace of anxiety puts their internal army of protectors on red alert–denial, anger, fear, resistance, dismissiveness, and blame. We therefore need a way to get behind enemy lines, infiltrate occupied territory, and rescue the person held captive by anxiety. I came up with the Invasion of the Marriage Snatcher strategy. It’s silly. It’s absurd. It’s science fiction. But it just may work. What better way to disarm those defensive forces than with a classic sci-fi movie from the nineteen fifties about alien invaders? In this book I refer to anxiety as an alien that invades marriages, maybe even yours. I provide background of where this alien comes from, expose the havoc they create both personally and relationally, and then conclude with a list of 101 tips, tools, and weapons to use against this alien.

Author: Johnson, Erik Douglas

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1986269507
Language: English
Pages: 66

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