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Kelly Bear DVD Series


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Kelly Bear is a hero and teacher for kids!Duration: 20-25 minutes eachLeader’s Guide is available onlineAges 3-9.Each DVD of the Kelly Bear series features the life-size green bear named Kelly, who serves as a hero and a teacher. Kids readily identify with the green bear who makes mistakes but keeps trying to do his best. Interactive songs highlight each program. All of the programs are field-tested and proven effective. This series is developmentally appropriate for large or small groups of children. Each DVD is 20 to 25 minutes long. Series includes one DVD each of the following titles:Emotional Development and Self-UnderstandingRespectfulness and Friendship SkillsSocial Competence and Positive BehaviorsProblem-Solving Skills and Anger ManagementHealthy Living Habits and Refusal SkillsPersonal SafetySecret TouchingResolving DisputesSelf-Control

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