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Kitchen Table Therapy: The Practice of Parenting


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Kitchen Table Therapy is written by Dr. Lauren Gerber, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, best known across the United States for her therapeutic work with children, adolescents, and their families. Kitchen Table Therapy helps parents facilitate positive relationships, better communication, and overall growth and development in their own homes. In a digital age with computers, game systems and smartphones taking society by storm, this unique Psychologist’s guide, Kitchen Table Therapy, helps parents to lead their own family in designing and attaining goals just like those which may have been addressed in a therapist’s office. With Dr. Gerber’s guidance, parents lead their family in fun-filled activities that require only simple ingredients: a family, a kitchen table, and your time and support. These ingredients are the “meat and potatoes” of this heart-warming family bonding book. Kitchen Table Therapy is illustrated by the famous humorous illustrator, Norm Bendell. Norm Bendell is famous for his work with the American Girl best selling series. Kitchen Table Therapy is a must read and will be a valuable component of your family library.

Author: Gerber, Dr Lauren, With: Bendell, Norm

Media: Book
ISBN: 1484198298
Language: English
Pages: 160

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