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Letters: A Grief Journal For Moving On After A Loved One’s Suicide


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Grief eats away at your soul.

It locks us into pain and into the past while the present flies by and we miss the lives we were intended to participate in!

The thing about grief is that it sticks to us like the spray of a skunk . It’s overpowering… and just when we think it might be gone, we get another whiff of it. When that happens the full effect floods over us again, or we spend our lives trying to suppress it somehow.

Unresolved grief often manifests itself in withdrawal, lethargy, and even fuels addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex or other destructive relationships.

Unresolved grief keeps us from moving on and taking full advantage of the lives we have to live now!

But if grief is so hard to shake, it’s often because our strategies for dealing with it are strategies that call for AVOIDING IT or NUMBING THE PAIN.

“Letters: A Grief Journal For Moving On After A Loved One’s Suicide” from the “Letters – A Grief Journal For Moving On…” series finally allows you to move on!

How? Through the simple process of writing special letters designed to break the grip of painful grief by bringing closure to relationships that ended before we were ready.

This journal is designed for people who wish to bring to completion a relationship with their mother (biological, mother in law, stepmother, etc.) living or simply absent that otherwise keeps intruding into the present.

It’s simple structure and pattern for bringing you closure will help bring resolution to the past and new life for your future… it’s as simple as writing a letter each time the past intrudes… with each letter, the claws of grief relax their grip!

There is an introduction to the use of this grief journal and plenty of room (80 pages with prompts) to help you move past your grief.

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Author: Smith, Foley

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1096867257
Language: English
Pages: 94

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