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Little Girl Lost


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by Lovisa Pahlson-Moller Published: 2006 Pages: 200 Description Little Girl Lost is a wonderful and moving account of a young woman’s successful battle with self-harm and borderline personality disorder. Lovisa first self-harmed at the age of six and survived boot camp before becoming part of the psychiatric system. Little Girl Lost combines an intelligent creative mix of diary writing with powerful poems taking the reader through a roller coaster of emotions. It is an honest, interesting and touching book. She gives us some insight into her desire for acceptance for being herself. You can relate to her feelings. About the Author The author spent a period of time in hospital. She used to harm herself and hear voices. Her aim is to reach out to others and be accepted. Book Extract Ever felt sad and been so down, that to carry a smile is impossible? Has time ever stopped without a reasonable explanation? Where a few hours could have passed, or even a day, and there is no memory of how you spent that time of blackness? Is your best friend or dearest enemy a disfigured shadow? Something your mind has created, and others cannot see or hear? Have you ever placed your life in a bottle of pills? Can you not tell the difference from a dream or reality? Do your emotions reflect from the blade of a knife? Have you ever felt sadness in others joy, or joy in your own pain? Ever not feared death, but life itself? I have.this is my life.welcome to my world.

Author: Pahlson- Moller, L

Topic: Medical / Nursing
Media: Book
ISBN: 190561098X
Language: English
Pages: 204

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