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Living the Dream II: Nightmares of Navigating the Va System


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One of the biggest frustrations veterans face is working through the Veterans Administration (VA) bureaucracy. Some veterans love the VA while others hate it. A veteran’s love or hate of the VA depends on their past experiences and the experiences expressed by others. Veterans struggle with health issues caused by the beatings their bodies and minds take while in the military. Struggling with the VA bureaucracy can be daunting because of the system Congress has set up. Some veterans give up on the VA because it is hard to navigate and frustrating. This book was written to help veterans and their families understand the VA system. Managing expectations is key to surviving the VA bureaucracy. The stories in the book are some of the problems I have heard and seen from my experiences, clients, and friends. The VA is constantly changing the rules, staying updated with the rules is a challenge and necessary for getting what you need and have earned. It is my hope these stories will shed light on the VA bureaucracy to assist veterans in receiving the services they have earned.

Author: Dunning, Fred Bo

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 1092499482
Language: English
Pages: 180

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