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Magic Therapy of Colours


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In vogue since ancient times, colour therapy has now come of age as a holistic method of treatment. Global research justifies the application of colour in many disorders. Administered by a trained practitioner, colour therapy is safe, complementary to other systems and relatively inexpensive in India. Modern man spends most of his life cooped up within homes, offices or automobiles. Thanks to the odd hours they keep, some people even spend a few months without being exposed to sunlight. The body and mind are casualties when we miss out on the invigorating colour vibrations present in nature. The good health of the ancients was partly because they allowed all colours in nature to energise their bodies by being outdoors during the day. Having a proper balance of healthy colours in the interiors of our homes and offices can partly rectify this shortcoming. The Magic Therapy of Colours outlines the history of colour therapy, modern methods of utilising colour and the areas it is beneficial in. The book is an invaluable guide for those seeking holistic benefits from colour therapy.

Author: A R, Hari

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 9381384576
Language: English
Pages: 120

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