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Medical Astrology: Discovering the Psychology of Disease Using Triangles



This Medical Astrology book is remarkable because it merges Traditional Astrology seamlessly with modern Western Medical and Psychological notions and with Eastern Wisdom such as the Seven Ray energies, the Etheric Chakra system and Spiritual Evolution.
Hodgson has drawn on 40 years of experience working professionally in astrology – writing, teaching and counselling (PMAFA, Professional Member of the American Federation of Astrologers, 1983); and in studying Esoteric Philosophy, Esoteric Psychology, Esoteric Healing. and Raja Yoga to produce this amazing book.
A method to find a disease pattern in the natal chart is given. Planets are triangulated and this method is carefully explained with over 200 case studies to demonstrate how it works.

  1. The first point represents the cause of the disease.
  2. The second the organ affected.
  3. The third point represents the disease itself and its effect.

The first part of the book has a section dedicated to each of the signs, planets, rays and chakras. The layout is easy to follow and includes many anatomical drawings and diagrams that are specific to diseased areas of the body. All astrologers, esoteric healers and workers will benefit by having this extraordinary book on their shelves. So will anyone interested in the correlation between psychology and disease.

Author: Hodgson, Leoni

Topic: New Age / Body, Mind & Spirit
Media: Book
ISBN: 646982885
Language: English
Pages: 228

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