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Meditation for Beginners


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In Meditation for Beginners: How to Meditate and Find Tranquility, Relieve Stress and Anxiety, and Depression, you will learn: -The Benefits of Meditation: Science has been proving for the past few years that meditation is not just something for spiritual people or monks. Meditation has incredible health benefits that everyone should enjoy including lower stress, a calmer brain, better focus, and much more. We will cover some more benefits of meditation in chapter one. -The Science and History: What is the history of meditation? What is the process that happens in the brain when someone meditates? We will cover these questions at the beginning of the book, so you have even more motivation to learn this valuable skill and change your life. -How to Prepare for and Practice Meditation: What’s the best way to prepare a space for meditation? Which mental preparations should you make to have the best experience possible? Certain conditions must be met for the practice to go as well as it can. We will cover these topics in chapter three, so you’re prepared and ready to go. -Different Meditation Styles: Are you more interested in Zen meditation, or guided meditations? These practices, plus others, will be covered in chapter four so you can make an informed decision on which type to practice. There’s a style that is suitable for everyone, no matter who they are! -How to Relieve Anxiety and Depression: The final chapter in this useful book will cover tricks for relieving sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression. Take control of your mind and kick the negative thought patterns so you can finally relax, get rest, and enjoy your life. As you can see, this is an invaluable practice that can add so much to your life. You will feel like a whole new person as soon as you master this skill and the best part is that the journey never ends. Your relationship with meditation can exist for the rest of your life. Check out this book to learn how.

Author: Brandt, Martin

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 198538454X
Language: English
Pages: 104

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