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Memories and Studies of William James



Professor William James formed the intention shortly before his death of republishing a number of popular addresses and essays under the title which this book now bears; but unfortunately he found no opportunity to attend to any detail of the book himself, or to leave definite instructions for others. I believe, however, that I have departed in no substantial degree from my father’s idea, except perhaps by including two or three short pieces which were first addressed to special occasions or audiences and which now seem clearly worthy of republication in their original form, although he might not have been willing to reprint them himself without the recasting, to which he was ever most attentive when preparing for new readers. Everything in this volume has already appeared in print in magazines or otherwise and definite acknowledgements are hereinafter made in the appropriate places. Comparison with the original texts will disclose slight variations in a few passages, and it is therefore proper to explain that in these passages the present text follows emendations of the original which have survived in the author’s own handwriting. HENRY JAMES, JR.

Author: James, William

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1935785222
Language: English
Pages: 170

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