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Music Therapy vs. Antidepressants for Teens with Depression


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Research Paper (undergraduate) from the year 2018 in the subject Psychology – Consulting, Therapy, grade: 1,0, language: English, abstract: This research evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of two types of treatment for depression in teens, music therapy and antidepressant drugs. The purpose of evaluating these two treatments is to decipher which is ultimately the best treatment, according to studies, articles, and documentaries. It is important to note that while this research has analyzed data in order to understand what the best treatment is, there is no single treatment that will work for every patient. This research is important for teens coping with depression, as it indicates that there are many ways to treat depression. It is also important that teens not feel alienated with their mental illness, therefore more research should be targeted towards adolescents dealing with mental health problems. The method used for this research was a content analysis, as it effectively organized the data and quantified studies, articles, and other forms of data. Eight thematic concepts have been recognized, and then turned into questions that were answered using a 4 Point Scale. This 4 Point Scale evaluated strong and weak advantages/disadvantages, based on data provided, for each thematic concept. According to the 4 Point Scale, music therapy received 28 out of a possible 32 points, meanwhile antidepressant drugs received 16 out of 32 points. These findings state that in ratio terms, music therapy received an overall better score than antidepressants. In terms of thematic concepts, music therapy gained points in categories regarding emotional support and a less invasive technique style, whereas antidepressant drugs received points in areas regarding long term relief and the positive effects of chemically balancing the brain.

Author: Northcutt, Sarah

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 3668706093
Language: English
Pages: 34

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