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My Obsessive Compulsive Life


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The psychology comes to my life’s suddenly. Since I was little I hate whenever my family wanted to take me to a psychologist. Unconsciously I was fear that another person could break my cognitive hermetism and in one way or another know my thoughts, that for that time I considered rare. Overall my childhood was normal, when I reached adolescence feared even more people approach to my round, and that they call me strange. I tried to study Chemical Engineering, but I didn’t like it. After Pharmacy, but I was not committed with that career. Passed them months and emerged the possibility of studying medicine in the Central University of Venezuela (UCV). I seemed a challenge very large, but that is suitable to my style of life, hermit and individualistic, with the only goal of immerse me in them books and not interact almost with nobody. In 2006 my family take the decision altogether move country. At the time my levels of anxiety, obsessions and compulsions were at the skies; that was enough to motivate me to study Psychology and find an explanation for my behavior. I fell in love with the career, went with professional as psychologists and psychiatrists to me help to manage my anxiety, and also by first time it was gave me the official diagnosys of OCD. I hope that with this book you can find solutions or give the first step to handle any situation to level cognitive that les is stealing the peace, and it more important, is affecting your routine daily of life.

Author: Hayon Zafrany MD, Salomon

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1539575160
Language: English
Pages: 68

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