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My Son My Hero: From Tragedy to Hope and Inspiration


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The stigma surrounding suicide and poor mental health remains strong, even in our more enlightened times. Because of this stigma, parents and loved ones who have lost a loved one to suicide or care for someone struggling with poor mental health fear reprisal and so fear speaking out. Unfortunately, research shows that the more these issues are talked about, the more likely sufferers seek help. Through My Son, My Hero, Dr. Piparo addresses this stigma, offers relief and a way to move forward for those left behind, and honors his amazing, beautiful, and talented son. He has found a way to remember his son in a way that brings joy to his heart and transforms his pain into happiness. It is with great pleasure that he introduces you to Tony John Piparo, known simply as TJ.In these pages, through, plain English, inspiring stories, and simple, effective strategies, you will discover…-How to remember a child, sibling, family member, friend or co-worker without the intense suffering normally surrounding the loss of a loved one.-Resources to help you better cope with your grief.-How to remember your loved one in a way that creates a sense of joy-Strategies to help you regain or improve your mental health.-Develop the courage to address the stigma around suicide and mental illness so you can share your stories without the fear of judgment or reprisal.Order your copy today and receive a FREE DVD, Overcoming the destructive Effects of Stress, Anxiety, and Depression.

Author: Piparo Jr, Anthony John

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1090982399
Language: English
Pages: 200

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