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Overcoming the Fear of Approaching New People


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Zane Rozzi is a leading communication skills expert and personal success coach. Zane’s consulting practice is focused on corporate training seminars and very limited one-on-one executive coaching. Zane has now published his corporate training modules as books to make them available to a wider audience beyond his clients.Zane Rozzi is also well-known for running a very popular YouTube channel featuring compilations of the very best quotes from the greatest minds and most successful people in history, book summaries, and other motivational, educational, and inspirational content from business leaders, world leaders, and thought leaders. The content of all of Zane Rozzi’s books is inspired by his work and research in curating the very best content for his clients, website, YouTube Channel, and other social media pages. In his work, including all of his books, Zane Rozzi diligently gathers, processes, and summarizes all of the best new books, research papers, speeches, and other content in the business, psychology, sales, communication skills, leadership, negotiation, and self-help genres. Most importantly, Zane fills in the gaps for you by providing new and original insights on how to apply the newest and best concepts with straightforward actions you can begin using immediately after reading. Most books and research papers are big on ideas, but very short on actionable advice on how to actually apply the concepts in your daily life. Zane Rozzi focuses on application of the concepts with straightforward advice; including many example actions, phrases and scripts, gestures, and behaviours you can use immediately after reading. Zane’s corporate clients demand specific actions and behaviours they can use immediately after training – not simply concepts and ideas – so this is what Zane provides; immediately usable examples you can take right out of the books.These are not your typical books padded out to the publisher’s recommended sixty thousand words with background information, stories, research methods, and other fillers. Instead, these are straight-to-the-point corporate training modules that tell you exactly what to do and how to do it to get the best results in life and business. You should be able to finish each module in under an hour and begin applying the new skills and advice you’ve learned immediately after you’ve finished reading.You are less than one hour away from being able to apply the skills and advice you’ll learn in this module.You are NOT one of those people who keeps saying ‘tomorrow’ and never accomplishes anything worthwhile throughout the course of their life. Cowards live in ‘tomorrow.’ You take action today. You get the life you want. Start today. Start right now.Please open the preview and refer to the table of contents to browse the specific skills you’ll learn in this module. You are less than one hour away from being able to apply these skills.

Author: Rozzi, Zane

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1986827178
Language: English
Pages: 76

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