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Pathway to an Abundant Life: Christian Coping Skills


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“A Pathway to an Abundant Life-Christian Coping Skills” provides insight into how to get through the tough times and re-establish a relationship with God and others. When we go through change and difficulties in our life the mind can become our worst enemy. Our thoughts focus on worries, fear, and negative thoughts. Allowing our mind to remain on this can only compound our difficulties. Sometimes we feel so distraught by something that has happened that we cannot find any assets in ourselves. This book was written because there is very little concise informative literature available on the wonderful abundant life God wants us to have. He does not want us to just stay the way we are. He wants us to have a life free of stress and worry, yet one in which we find happiness by helping others. “A Pathway to an Abundant Life-Christian Coping Skills” is an empowering resource for those: -Experiencing changes in their life -Trying to find a purpose in life -Facing choices in a career -Developing a relationship with God -Focusing on bad decisions or a failure in life -Lacking resources to pursue dreams -Ruminating on negative thoughts -Struggling to forgive someone -Seeking suggestions on healthy living -Establishing or questioning Christian values

Author: Espeland, Karen

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 147751791X
Language: English
Pages: 60

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