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Person-Centred Therapy: A Clinical Philosophy



The person-centred approach is one of the most popular, enduring and respected approaches to psychotherapy and counselling. Person-Centred Therapy returns to its original formulations to define it as radically different from other self-oriented therapies.

Keith Tudor and Mike Worrall draw on a wealth of experience as practitioners, a deep knowledge of the approach and its history, and a broad and inclusive awareness of other approaches. This significant contribution to the advancement of person-centred therapy:

  • Examines the roots of person-centred thinking in existential, phenomenological and organismic philosophy.
  • Locates the approach in the context of other approaches to psychotherapy and counselling.
  • Shows how recent research in areas such as neuroscience support the philosophical premises of person-centred therapy.
  • Challenges person-centred therapists to examine their practice in the light of the history and philosophical principles of the approach.

Person-Centred Therapy offers new and exciting perspectives on the process and practice of therapy, and will encourage person-centred practitioners to think about their work in deeper and more sophisticated ways.

Author: Tudor, Keith, Author: Worrall, Mike

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1583911235
Language: English
Pages: 305

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