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Personal Values & Unintended Consequences: A Workbook


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Values are personal commitments to create actions that ensure we are creating the kind of world we want to live in. Yet there are tacit values that live underneath the radar, so to speak, that inform much of our behavior and we never question these values and we often misapply them. In this workbook Kathryn Alexander, MA reveals that certain values form systems. That is when a group of values clump together and act together in such a way that if you pick one from the set, then the others just come along for the ride. They fit together and all serve the same purpose. Choose one, you get them all. Sometimes this works, but sometimes it doesn’t. By making the invisible visible, Kathryn opens up decisions and relationships to the light of choice, giving us a chance to rethink how we interact and improve our relationships by paying attention to the values we use. Individuals have values, but so do groups of people, including families. We rarely think about our family values, nor do we understand the culture that those values form. Our need for inclusion ensures that we absorb these values at an early age, way before we have the capacity to actually think about them. Then we never revisit those choices. This workbook is designed to allow for that rethinking. If offers insight into the hidden dynamics of these tacit values allowing fresh thinking about our own behavior and that of our family members.

Author: Alexander Ma, Kathryn

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 692261265
Language: English
Pages: 54

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