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Portable Child & Play Therapy Games Set


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Portable games can be played anywhere! Each collection includes between 6 and 10 individual gamesGame pieces includedFor 2-4 playersAges: 5-12Help kids build the skills that will make a difference in their lives with this set of games. It,??s perfect for the counselor or educator who is on the go, may have limited space, or a limited budget. Each of these colorful and engagingly designed portable collections features six to ten games with all the game pieces you need for play, in a convenient attached envelope. Youngsters will love the variety of games and the broad range of topics they cover.Set includes one each of the following titles:Changing Family GameThis collection of counseling games is designed to provide children with insight and skills to cope with the many changes families can experience. Covers such issues as separation, divorce, natural disasters, remarriage, adoption, moving, foster homes, and more. The set includes six game boards, an instruction manual, and all the materials necessary to play the games. Each game is designed to take approximately 30 minutes of playing time.??Talking ToolsTalking Tools includes eight discussion-oriented games covering the topics of frustration management, expression of feelings, friendship, safety, cooperation, divorce, bereavement, and self-concept. Two additional games are intended to help children understand the “cause and effect” of their behaviors and to help them cope with a hospital stay. Designed by a school psychologist, each game takes only 30 minutes to play.??Healing GamesHealing Games is a collection of six board games designed to help children who have experienced serious life events that have left them feeling sad, angry, helpless,and even depressed. These experiences include: death of a loved one, traumatic events, and surviving a natural disaster.??In Control: A Book of Games to Teach Self-Control SkillsThis book of six games helps children keep cool under any circumstances. The colorful game board is bound into the middle of the spiral-bound book, ready to be used for play. Teaches children such skills as listening to others, following rules, and cooperating.??Dr. Playwell’s Anger Control GamesHere are six colorful games for the price of one, all in a convenient and portable package. The games teach children such skills as recognizing what triggers their anger, self-control, self-calming, and much more. The program comes complete with cards and markers for each game.??

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