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Psychopathy Within



Psychopathy Within offers a new way of conceptualizing and defining psychopathy that is a convergence of the author’s divergent professional experiences as a forensic psychologist and a Jungian-oriented psychotherapist and her personal life experiences over decades as a Jungian student and analysand.

When her father died, the story of his life and their relationship ignited her curiosity about the meaning of psychopathy, enriching and amplifying what she already felt she knew from a wide range of experiences, study, and observations. The result is an invitation to explore this charged topic, psychopathy, with a new perspective that holds the potential for growth and healing. At the heart of the story is the power of eros-the devastating ramifications of its absence and the tremendous healing energy of its presence.

Author: Maram, Eve

Topic: Medical / Nursing
Media: Book
ISBN: 163051375X
Language: English
Pages: 302

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