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Readings in Family Therapy: From Theory to Practice


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The only annotated full-text reader that addresses key issues in family therapy

Filling the need for a resource that goes beyond the scope of basic textbooks, this reader provides a compilation of 18 full-text articles that highlight family therapy models and related issues. The editors have included a diverse range of topics authored by leading scholars to showcase the far-reaching capacity of the field. Each article includes editorial comments that offer even greater context for readers.

Although it is designed as a stand-alone text, this reader can be used in conjunction with the upcoming Family Therapy: Models, Skills, and Techniques to enhance students’ understanding of topics presented in the book chapters: the history of family therapy, modern family structures and challenges, approaches to clinical practice, ethical issues, and more.

This reader can be used in any Family/Marriage Therapy course in psychology, nursing, social work, human services, and other related disciplines.

Editor: Rasheed, Janice M, Editor: Rasheed, Mikal N, Editor: Marley, James A

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1412905842
Language: English
Pages: 316

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