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Red 8′ Cotton Yoga Strap with Metal D-Ring


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Yoga straps are perhaps the most underutilized prop in the studio, because no student wants to admit they just aren’t flexible enough. However, yoga teachers agree that straps are not only great for advanced yogis, but especially helpful to beginners. See, a yoga strap is really just an extension of your arm, lending you the reach to ease into asanas with perfect spine alignment and fully complete tough poses like gomukasana and baddha konasana. Straps are also great for maintaining arm distance in balance poses like downward dog, wheel, and crow.

Our yoga straps are woven with strong 100% cotton webbing and sport a generous 8-foot length suitable for most yogis and all levels of flexibility. Don’t come up short; it’s always better to have extra slack than not enough! Each strap secures with a traditional D-ring buckle, and the manageable 1.5″ width provides great grip without being too binding.

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