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Roots and Philosophy of Dynamic Manual Interface: Manual Therapy to Awaken the Inner Healer



The Roots and Philosophy of Dynamic Manual Interface is a personal account of the development and evolution of Frank Lowen’s hands-on therapy. A former program director and popular instructor at the Upledger Institute, Lowen begins with his own history and an account of the unique events that have shaped his career. Originally schooled as an artist, Lowen developed an interest in alternative medicine and bodywork. He describes his training at the Upledger Institute (which led to teaching positions and directing the institute’s visceral manipulation program) as well as his work with Jean-Pierre Barral, described by Time magazine as a top healing innovator in the new millennium.

Lowen goes on to describe the emergence of his own techniques and new findings that have become the basis for his Dynamic Manual Interface (DMI) method. Implementing light touch, DMI works with tissue movements, rhythms, and relationships not addressed in other manual therapies such as craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation. DMI also incorporates new techniques for feeling and resolving tension patterns based on Lowen’s discovery of correlations between the hands and different bodily systems. Results of this approach, explored in the book, include restored balance, accelerated healing, decreased pain, and improved mental clarity.

Author: Lowen, Frank, Foreword by: Barral, Jean-Pierre

Topic: Biography / Autobiography
Media: Book
ISBN: 1583943188
Language: English
Pages: 157

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