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Sacred Mirror: Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy


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How is modern psychotherapy impacted when it is approached from the presence and understanding of the unconditioned mind? What happens when therapists are able to function as a sacred mirror for their clients’ essential nature, reflecting back not only the contents of awarenessuthoughts, feelings and sensationsubut awareness itself? Informed by their direct experience as well as by nondual teachings from both eastern and western wisdom traditions, the authors take a fresh look at what psychotherapy can be. These seminal essays will challenge and inspire readers to approach psychotherapy in a new wayuas a potential portal for experiencing their deepest nature as free and joyful beings.Seasoned clinicians, Dan Berkow, Stephan Bodian, Dorothy Hunt, Sheila Krystal, Lynn Marie Lumiere, Richard Miller, John Prendergast, John Welwood, Jennifer Welwood and Bryan Wittine, and innovative western spiritual teachers, Adyashanti and Peter Fenner, explore critical issues at the interface of psychology and spirituality from a nondual perspective.

Editor: Prendergast, John, Editor: Fenner, Peter, Editor: Krystal, Sheila

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1557788243
Language: English
Pages: 342

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