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Secret Eden: Anti-Stress Art Therapy Colouring Book


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Secret Eden anti-stress art therapy colouring book Enter the splendour of nature s Secret Eden with Christina Rose s stunning new colouring book. Capturing the beauty of the world of wildlife, Secret Eden draws you closer with its intricate illustrations and inspiring words of nature s natural power. Explore a new creative vocabulary as you add beauty and colour to the world of Secret Eden and lose yourself in the moment as you create. Appealing to all ages, you ll find the elaborate and intimate world of nature is all at once beautiful, inspiring and relaxing. You may also enjoy other anti-stress art therapy colouring books by Christina Rose including: Dream Catcher: life on earth Dream Catcher: finding peace Dream Catcher: mindfulness Dream Catcher: the tree of life Dream Catcher: a soul bird s journey”

Author: Rose, Christina

Topic: Art & Art Instruction
Media: Book
ISBN: 1910771368
Language: English
Pages: 64

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