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Secrets and Lies in Psychotherapy



Honest disclosure is central to the work of all psychotherapy. But, clients are not always honest with their therapists. They keep secrets, avoid or minimize discussion of personally salient topics, and sometimes tell outright lies. This book examines the nature of lies and concealment in everyday life and in therapy, with a focus on the process by which patients keep secrets and lie to their therapists. Using the results of two comprehensive studies involving over 1,000 clients, the authors discuss common lies told by therapy clients about a wide range of issues including sex, substance abuse, suicidal ideation, trauma, feelings about the therapist and the progress of therapy. The lies therapists tell to their patients (e.g. regarding feelings of frustration with clients) are also examined. Throughout, the authors emphasize ways therapists can prevent or at least minimize client concealment, and show readers how to honestly and respectfully wrestle with the natural reluctance we all share toward disclosing the truth about our experiences.

Author: Farber, Barry, Author: Blanchard, Matthew, Author: Love, Melanie

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1433830523
Language: English
Pages: 271

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