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Sexual Violence



Authoritative, evidence-based guidance on treating sexually coercive and violent men. This book presents both a compact summary of the voluminous research on sexual violence and a practical, evidence-based “how-to” treatment guide for mental health practitioners working in clinics and institutions that treat men who are sexually coercive and violent toward others. Those needing intervention may be college students, individuals seeking outpatient help, family batterers, or those who sexually abuse women and children. They may have been arrested for sex crimes or be incarcerated or on probation in sex offender treatment program, though most will never have been arrested. This clearly written and well-structured resource will help clinicians deal with all. The book first reviews research on the prevalence of sexually abusive behavior, along with diagnostic issues, assessment strategies, and risk assessment approaches, and then presents current integrated theories on the causes of sexually violent behavior. The primary focus, however, is the specific emotional and behavioral targets of treatment and the therapist skills and strategies that are effective in reducing sexual victimization. Cultural factors that influence treatment are identified and effective prevention programs for sexual violence are also described and evaluated.

Author: Holcomb, William R

Media: Book
ISBN: 889373337
Language: English
Pages: 94

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