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Sherry Goes Sane: Living a Life with Schizo-Affective Disorder


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A former high school cheerleader, Sherry Joiner has been dealt her share of misfortune in life. In addition to childhood abuse at the hands of her alcoholic parents, she has also faced the suicide of her mother and watched her brother slowly die of AIDS. Then, for decades, she has also suffered from schizoaffective disorder, characterized by stressful and distorted thoughts, and has been through the associated suicide attempts and hospitalizations. Sherry Goes Sane is her story, told from her point of view and written with vivid honesty. The candid memoir follows Sherry through the most traumatic moments of her life, as well as the most triumphant. In addition to painting a picture of the harrowing struggles faced by those with schizoaffective disorder, she also depicts years of working with her psychiatrist, Dr. Smith, as she heals from her childhood wounds and works toward living a normal life, with the help of therapy and prescribed medication. More than simply informational, this powerful memoir is also meant to inspire. In her story, Sherry shares many of the quotes, song lyrics, and philosophies that have helped her in her healing process over the years, in hopes that other individuals who suffer from schizoaffective disorder or other mental illnesses might find them equally helpful. She serves as a positive example of someone who has overcome great odds to live a fulfilling, happy, and overall stable life, even when her mental illness threatened to hold her back forever.

Author: Joiner, Sherry M

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1490315136
Language: English
Pages: 272

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