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Silenced Child: Secrets & Lies


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The Silenced Child is based on Dr Robinson’s experiences. It is not based on specific cases but a compilation of spellbinding experiences that were put together to create this book to give the child a voice. It is based on facts but no one patient’s case were used to portray these attention-grabbing stories. It was various fascinating experiences that were put together to explain what children go through during daily life. This book reads as a journey of what children has gone through and is a collection of enthralling stories that shows the trauma our society is letting our children live by. The book has been written to be an easy, non-complicated read that holds the reader by mesmerizing the reader with powerful stories about children’s pain and suffering. The intensity is balanced with how Dr Robinson from a young student to a well-known name in the field of psychology had to cope with what she was faced with on a daily basis starting of as a 17 year old student at Stellenbosch University and through her years of therapy in private practice.

Author: Robinson, Dr Tanya

Topic: Biography / Autobiography
Media: Book
ISBN: 1482806665
Language: English
Pages: 174

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