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Stitch Your Own Silver Linings


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Have you ever had the experience where one minute life is wonderful, and you are on top of the world, and the next minute that world shatters beneath your feet? No-one knows better than Christine what that feels like. Her world was shattered when her mother, sister and daughter were each diagnosed with cancer. However, it was thanks to that life-changing experience, which she calls ‘The Twilight Zone’, that she found her true purpose in life. She also found happiness from the inside out; a true, long-lasting happiness that will never be shaken. In a warm, sincere and thoroughly engaging way, Stitch Your Own Silver Linings shows how you can do that for yourself. In the pages of this book, readers will hear Christine’s story and understand why she is so passionate about their happiness. They will: understand what happiness is and what it isn’t, be introduced to a new concept of happiness and wellbeing that they can put to work in their own life, learn how to forgive, develop self-esteem and confidence, become an authentically positive person, discover previously hidden strengths and use them to increase resilience… and much more. The book also introduces the inspirational Conroy women, whose stories are woven throughout to demonstrate that by following the ‘Conroy Concept’ – 7 themes based on personal experience and backed up by scientific research – readers will be able stitch their own silver linings and help themselves to happiness. This book will appeal mostly to women. It will help those struggling with any form of adversity, but in particular those suffering with depression and those caring for cancer sufferers. A free companion workbook is available to download online.”

Author: Conroy, Christine L

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1783063343
Language: English
Pages: 192

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