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Substance Misuse: The Implications of Research, Policy and Practice



Substance misuse and its pervasive problems is a constant challenge for social work, health and related professionals today. With heightened political and policy emphasis on all aspects of substance misuse, it is paramount that professionals remain up-to-date on current issues and their responsibilities. Based on research and evidence, this book provides a sound basis for grounded and innovative practice. Leading international contributors outline holistic and specialist approaches to policy and practice, and highlight the shift in emphasis from immediate risk minimisation to long-term recovery, the importance of prevention and the pivotal role of workforce development. Issues surrounding work with children and families affected by substance misuse are explored, and ways of implementing new approaches revealed. The book also looks at the impact of the smoking ban in Scotland, and suggests ways to support tobacco use cessation. This book is essential reading for all front-line practitioners working with substance misusers, including social work, health professionals and counsellors.

Contribution by: Bryce, Anne, Contribution by: Coletti, Maurizio, Contribution by: Forrester, Donald, Contribution by: Egan, James, Contribution by: Neale, Jo, Contribution by: Sumnall, Harry, Editor: Barlow, Joy, Contribution by: Black, Margaret, Contribution by: Haw, Sally, Contribution by: Vaughn, Gerard, Contribution by: Ives, Richard, Contribution by: Hunter, Neil, Contribution by: Monaghan, Bernadette, Contribution by: Fountain, Jane, Contribution by: Nicholson, Joyce, Contribution by: McKie, Linda, Contribution by: Jones, Lisa, Contribution by: Kemp, Peter, Contribution by: Kidd, Brian, Contribution by: McKeganey, Neil, Contribution by: Llyod, Charlie, Contribution by: Larken, Megan, Contribution by: Law, Jack, Contribution by: Evans, VIV, Contribution by: Seddon, Toby

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1843106965
Language: English
Pages: 240

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