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Supported Education for Students with Psychiatric Disabilities


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Supported Education program is targeting students with psychiatric disabilities who are in remission and capable of returning to education. They are usually quite stable already and are not suffering from delusions/hallucinations that lead to dangerous behaviour or from a lack of impulse control. It is usually only those who are still actively psychotic and have a known history of aggression and substance misuse that display violence.Many people, including the mentally unwell, are seeing the need to be equipped for employment with at least a post-secondary education.In today’s technologically advanced society, there is less room for unskilled labour. Even for white-collar jobs, at entry-level, there is an expectation for candidates to have basic computer application skills such as word processing. The opportunity for a better paying job comes only with higher education and training.

Author: Yahaya Azizi, Author: Hashim Shahrin, Author: Siow Yen Goh

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 3838335066
Language: English
Pages: 284

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