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Systemic Family Therapy: From Theory to Practice



No other available text offers such a hands-on approach to marriage and family therapy theory. At the core of Systemic Family Therapy are comprehensive sections devoted to each developmental phase of the family therapy movement. With clear descriptions and session-by-session case examples, the author explores specific approaches within each of these phases. With this pragmatic tenor, students will gain a clear and in-depth understanding of how family theory concepts relate to practice-as well as ways those concepts interact with each other.

Key Features

    Uses specific examples and session-by-session case studies to illustrate how theoretical construct actually work in practice

    Outlines the shifts in thinking of the family therapy field-from modern to postmodern

    Uses rich graphic representations and straightforward tables to illustrate key theoretical concepts

    Incorporates compelling questions and learning exercises that will lead to dynamic class discussions

Intended Audience
A refreshing departure from traditional instruction of family therapy theory, this core textbook is an excellent resource for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students of family therapy, counseling, social work, and family studies.

Author: Winek, Jon L

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1412936969
Language: English
Pages: 368

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