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Teardrops of War (Revised) (Revised)



Teardrops of War (Revised) is movie production ready. Teardrops of War (Revised) is dramatic, but the reading is not overly graphic; nevertheless, the reader will receive a tearful connection with wars unseen participants. The teardrops inclusion includes horrific psychological on and off the battlefield crisis connected with wars’ conflicts. Teardrops of War (Revised) reveals pain and suffering of not just the physical, but also of the psychological (PTSD) in the ongoing drama of life’s full associations (i.e., fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, and society). The look inside the book, Teardrops of War (Revised), leads us to the reasons why young people become soldiers. As a follow-up, there comes the tearful soldiers’ tempering, the soldiers’ cries on and after the battlefield, and after everything, then, there is the clinging to the semblance of life and living. The revised Teardrops of War includes an index making it easy for lookups of specific subject information in a cross-referencing. Teardrops of War (Revised) gives us the connective drama of many inclusions from the beginning of wars to the end of man’s madness. The connectivity is not exclusive to any one war; it is here where Teardrops of War (Revised) jettisons us to the emotional experiences of all, from wars first beginning to the present setting and settling of wars’ horrors that causes teardrops on all sides. The blood blunt of Teardrops reads on this wise that sees an entire world touched and raddled wanting sensibility dealing with the aftermath of wars’ physical and psychological effects. The infuriating drama of the multifold inclusion of pain and suffering of wars participants and associates cry for help wanting nations to the right the wrong and stop the insanity. PTSD in this book, Teardrops of War (Revised) is the centerfold, but the other types of sufferings presented are of like manner clips to the same standards needing professional intervention. There is no final reading as to stop the hemorrhaging, but we must read the handwriting on the wall to direct a bit of sensibility.

Author: Jones, Sherman A

Topic: Family / Parenting / Childbirth
Media: Book
ISBN: 1642557102
Language: English
Pages: 266

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