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Telescoping of Generations: Listening to the Narcissistic Links Between Generations



Winner of the 2013 Sigourney Award!

The Telescoping of Generations is an original perspective on the transmission of narcissistic links between generations. This attention to unconscious transmission gives fresh understanding of the psychic consequences of experiences such as genocide and terrorism.

Reviving classic psychoanalytical concepts with fresh meaning, Haydee Faimberg demonstrates how narcissistic links that pass between generations can be unfolded in the intimacy of the session, through engagement with the patient’s private language. The surprising clinical cases described in this book led the author to recognise the analyst’s narcissistic resistances to hearing what the patient does say, and what the patient cannot say.

Psychoanalysts and psychotherapists treating adults and children, family therapists and those with an interest in cultural studies, will all find The Telescoping of Generations relevant to their work.

Haydée Faimberg has received the Haskell Norman International Award for Excellence in Psychoanalysis 2005.

Author: Faimberg, Haydee

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1583917535
Language: English
Pages: 168

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