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Unconscious and the Bible


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The bi-logical exegesis carried in this work shows that the language of some Pentateuchal excerpts can be likened to the language of the unconscious. These excerpts are immersed in the type of symmetric relations that characterize the logic that rules the unconscious mind. That would explain instances of textual contradiction, derailment of thought processes, gross condensation of images, as well as instances of timelessness found in the text. It is argued that the authors of the Pentateuch experienced a state comparable to an “abaissement du niveau mental,” which allowed the recording of valuable information steming from an unconscious substratum. Their recordings clearly sustain some of the tenets of major psychological theories, such as double bind, splitting, polarization and enantiodromia. In addition, it was found that the unconscious may show a capacity to reflect upon itself, contain its expression and change. This finding could contradict Freud, Jung and Matte Blanco’s ideas on the matter and has important implications for the field of Psychoanalysis and the studies on the relationship between the conscious mind and the unconscious.

Author: Merenfeld De Moscu, Phd Judith

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 3838372166
Language: English
Pages: 392

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