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Values and Ethics in Counselling and Psychotherapy



This book offers an introduction to values and ethics in counselling and psychotherapy, helping you to develop the ethical awareness needed throughout the counselling process. The book covers:

– Context and emergence of ethics in counselling

– Exercises to explore personal and professional values

– Tools to develop ethical mindfulness

– Differences between therapeutic models

– Relational ethics

– Ethical dilemmas and issues

– Practice issues including confidentiality, boundaries and autonomy versus beneficence.

Using in-depth case studies of counselling students, the author demonstrates the constant relevance of values and ethics to counselling and psychotherapy, equipping trainees with the tools to successfully navigate values and ethics in their professional practice.

Author: Proctor, Gillian M

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1849206139
Language: English
Pages: 252

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