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Visual Squash: An Nlp Tool for Radical Change


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The Visual Squash is the premier negotiation strategy. It is a powerful technique that allows individuals and groups to move beyond “either- or” dilemmas and generate new ways of meeting personal and group goals. It also helps coaching clients to resolve parts conflicts and secondary gain issues.

This book presents the traditional Visual Squash in a detailed, easy to follow manner so you can begin using it immediately. It also illustrates variations including, the Conversational and Deep Trance squashes. Finally you will discover how to apply this powerful pattern in your business and personal life.

“This book dives deep into one of my favorite NLP patterns. I teach this process in my classes because it encapsulates many of the most important principles behind good change work. Knowing the authors, as I do, I expected a well thought out and presented overview and breakdown of the visual squash and all it’s variations. This book exceeded those expectations in so many ways and on so many levels.

Yes, they deliver the most comprehensive treatment of this pattern that I’ve ever read, and believe, has ever been written. But, even better, they use this platform to cover the most crucial elements of lasting, generative change that goes way beyond the pattern and into the very nature of change itself.

In this book you will learn a complex system that aligns all levels of experience from the behavioral up to identity, covering and uncovering the values, beliefs and unconscious motivations behind the problems and, more importantly, the solutions. Shawn and Jess make sure to give you many different ways of adapting this process to fit any client in any context. From a purely conversational approach more appropriate for a business coach to a deep trance variation perfect for a hypnosis session, you are guaranteed to find useful ways of implementing these ideas.

The authors also cover some key linguistic concepts, from temporal and spatial predicates to the whys and hows of addressing nominalizations. This is learning that changes every aspect of the therapeutic/coaching interaction by teaching multi level communication that speaks directly to the unconscious mind. And this, in my opinion, changes everything.” Melissa Tiers

Author: Marion, Jess, Author: Carson, Shawn, Introduction by: Tiers, Melissa

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 194025406X
Language: English
Pages: 152

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