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Within These Walls


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After reading this book, you’ll be able to walk in the shoes of some of Alaska’s most infamous killers and you’ll see the things they saw during their brutal, heinous acts. By interviewing and living with these killers, I’ve been able to walk their bloody trail and listen to their victim’s screams. You as a reader can now search for what most police departments are too overwhelmed to notice: the patterns. You’ll learn to look beyond the background noise of everyday crimes, of routine blood-shed and begin to see the hot spots. When you live each day with these killers, you begin to see them re-live their gruesome crimes within their own mind; this is what makes the difference between a man convicted of murder and a true murderer.

Author: Gage, Ken F

Topic: Legal Reference / Law Profession
Media: Book
ISBN: 1463418930
Language: English
Pages: 308

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