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12 Step Recovery Procedures – Volume 4: Corporate Democratic Spirituality



There is true genius in Bill Wilson’s paradigm for a Corporate, Democratic, Spiritual fellowship and altruistic movement. In this Volume, Spirituality is the major emphasis and the Corporation and the Democracy are designed to serve the Support Group organization. Spirituality is and will always be the number one priority and must be part of all activities within the Higher Spiritual Power (HSP) fellowship. However, the creation of the spiritual fellowship is described from an entirely different perspective. Instead of starting at the grassroots level and expanding outward, the Corporate – Democratic – Spiritual fellowship design is described from a starting point at the CEO level. To further educate the reader, this perspective adds a differnent approach to the concepts presented in Volume 2: The Procedures to Start Your Own Support Group. This hypothetical HSP (Higher Spiritual Power) organization does not exist, but could be started using the ideas presented in this book. Needless to say, that at this point, the information presented is only to spark your imagination. I have put together many books for different audiences describing this method and how it might be used in other organizations, fellowships or even businesses or corporatations. However, the primary purpose of each of my books is to spread the 12 Step message of how one can recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and be restored to sane and healthy thinking, emotions and behavior. Although persons with an education and academic skills would probably gain the most through application of these principles, the 12 Step method is usually applied only by the truly desperate.

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ISBN: 1983941875
Language: English
Pages: 48

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