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30 Days to Thriving: Practical Inspiration for Reclaiming Your Hope & Health



It is possible to thrive in the midst of life’s hardships and Jennifer Zimmer is here to show you how!

This book is a MUST READ if your answer is YES to any of the following questions:

Do you feel like your life has been completely derailed?

Are you trapped in a distressing situation that you didn’t necessarily sign up for?

Do you struggle with chronic health issues no matter how well you eat?

Is despair threatening to become a permanent fixture in your life?

Do you feel alone, like no one really understands you?

If this sounds like you, then you’re NOT alone. Jennifer Zimmer knows exactly how you feel.

At the age of 36, Jennifer’s beautiful life in paradise came crashing down around her. Through her husband’s four-year battle with a debilitating illness and a stress-induced health crash that her doctors had no answers for, Jennifer’s life became her own personal nightmare. Drowning in hopelessness, Jennifer decided to make a change that would lead her down a path of reclaiming her hope and health even through the loss of her husband.

In 30 Days to Thriving, Jennifer shares with you her own personal journey through adversity and reveals the key mental, physical, spiritual and emotional coping strategies she enlisted to finally THRIVE even while her challenging circumstances didn’t change.

You’ll learn how to:

* Find an anchor that is strong enough to firmly hold you through any storm.

* Take practical steps out of despair and into a life of hope and health.

* Reduce the damaging effects of stress through diet, lifestyle and mindset shifts.

* Defeat depression by stimulating the release of happy hormones in the brain.

* Grow through adversity and thrive in areas you never dreamed possible.

30 Days to Thriving includes:

* Section One: Jennifer’s personal story of trauma and loss and the moment it all turned around. She explains the importance of Primary and Secondary Foods, a key concept coined by Joshua Rosenthal, the founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

* Section Two: A 30-day guide to a complete holistic makeover. Jennifer takes you step-by-step through a series of lifestyle, mindset and nutritional shifts that, when practiced consistently, will gradually lead you down the path to a thriving life. You can expect to find anything from simple ways to release stress-busting hormones, such as endorphins and dopamine, to easy recipes for essential oil blends that will allow you to safely begin your own aromatherapy practice at home. And that’s just the beginning!

* Section Three: Jennifer introduces her readers to seven of her thriving friends, all women who have touched the depths of heartbreak and despair only to come through the other side with their hope and health in tact. Each woman describes the specific tools that got them through their own personal storms.

Author: Zimmer, Jennifer

Topic: New Age / Body, Mind & Spirit
Media: Book
ISBN: 999438301
Language: English
Pages: 296

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