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My Focus Word Journal: Courage: Strength in the Face of Pain or Grief Yearly Focus Word Notebook



Pick a Focus Word: Free Your Mind and Find Courage

This 6 by 9 wide ruled journal and notebook will guide you on your path to focus. Your word will become the lightpost you’ve been looking for, and every decision will have a lense through which you can choose the right path.

Having a focus word for the coming months will teach you about yourself and you’ll cherish your word like a close friend.

Keeping this one word journal and notebook with you wherever you go will be a breeze, and you’ll be able to journal thoughts that come to mind that specifically relate to how your one word is guiding you along and helping you to achieve clarity on your life goals.

Focus gives us understanding and direction for which to reach our ultimate potential. Your triumphs will be right around the corner with this one word notebook in hand.

Give yourself the gift of done with this journal and notebook for men and women. Within these pages you will be prompted by deep thinking questions and have ample space to write out your thoughts, desires, and grandest dreams.

Having a focus word will:

  • Help you will develop a keener eye for growth opportunities
  • Give you the opportunity to hear yourself think and therefore make sense of your thoughts
  • Help you reflect on what has worked for your in the past and what hasn’t
  • Give you the courage you need to take action when you need it most
  • And much more…

This journal is filled with 120 lined pages and prompts for you to scribe your journey with your focus word and in doing so, find direction in this busy world.

Scroll up, click buy now. Your destiny awaits.

Author: Publishing, Meandering

Topic: Antiques / Collectibles
Media: Book
ISBN: 1092302468
Language: English
Pages: 126

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